Cuisine (Large Metal) – Contents Only

Disposable Face Shield, Bandage Crepe 5cm, Bandage Crepe 7.5cm,

Bandage Crepe 10cm, Bandage Triangular, Dressing BPC Wound No 14

Dressing BPC Wound No 15, Dressing Blue Band-Aids Box 100, Dressing Blue Knuckle Plasters, Dressing Blue Fingertip Plasters, Dressing Wound Closures,

Dressing Combine 9 x 10cm, Dressing Combine 20 x 20cm, Dressing Eye Pads, Dressing Blue Strip Plaster, Dressing Gauze Squares, Dressing Telfa 5 x 7.5cm

Dressing Telfa 7.5 x 10cm, Tubinette 20m, Applicator, Latex Disposable Gloves,

Zinc Oxide Tape 2.5 x 5m, Betadine Wipes, Saline Ampoules, Scissors

Self-Seal Bags, Tweezers, Burn Dressing 10 x 10, Cool Jel Bottle 4oz,

Blue Tape 18 x 20m, Label Hepatitis B, First Aid Instruction Card, Accident Register, First Aid Green Cross

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