Cuisine (Large Metal) First Aid Kit

Disposable Face Shield, Bandage Crepe 5cm, Bandage Crepe 7.5cm,

Bandage Crepe 10cm, Bandage Triangular, Dressing BPC Wound No 14

Dressing BPC Wound No 15, Dressing Blue Band-Aids Box 100, Dressing Blue Knuckle Plasters, Dressing Blue Fingertip Plasters, Dressing Wound Closures,

Dressing Combine 9 x 10cm, Dressing Combine 20 x 20cm, Dressing Eye Pads, Dressing Blue Strip Plaster, Dressing Gauze Squares, Dressing Telfa 5 x 7.5cm

Dressing Telfa 7.5 x 10cm, Tubinette 20m, Applicator, Latex Disposable Gloves,

Zinc Oxide Tape 2.5 x 5m, Betadine Wipes, Saline Ampoules, Scissors

Self-Seal Bags, Tweezers, Burn Dressing 10 x 10, Cool Jel Bottle 4oz,

Blue Tape 18 x 20m, Label Hepatitis B, First Aid Instruction Card, Accident Register, First Aid Green Cross, Large Metal Wall Mountable Container

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