Sports First Aid Kit (Small)


Face shield Disposable, Bandage Cohesive 5cm, Bandage Crepe 7.5cm, Bandage BPC No 14

Bandage Triangular, Dressing Strip Plaster, Dressing Bandaids Box of 100,

Dressing Wound Closures, Dressing Combine 9 x 10cm, Dressing Combine 20 x 20cm, Dressing Eye pads, Dressing Gauze Squares, Dressing Telfa 5 x 7.5cm,

Disposable gloves, Betadine Wipes, Tweezers, Scissors, Saline Ampoules,

Strapping Tape, Arnica, First Aid Instruction Card, Deep Heat, Instant Cold Pack

Stop Bleed Spray, Self Seal bags, Foldout Soft Bag

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