Complete First Aid Supplies offer a range of services to help ensure your first aid needs are always met.

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What sets Complete First Aid Supplies apart from other First Aid Kit suppliers is that we not only provide first aid kits, but we maintain them too!

Experience the convenience of our comprehensive ‘Kit Maintenance’ service, offering regular on-site servicing to ensure your workplace is always equipped to handle medical emergencies. We restock, replenish, maintain, manage, and replace used stock, guaranteeing that your business, community group, or organisation maintains WorkSafe NZ compliance and has immediate access to essential first aid supplies and safety equipment, prioritizing your employees’ safety at ALL times.

Importance of Maintaining your First Aid Kit

First Aid kits can save lives and drastically minimise the effect of an injury – but not if they are empty or have expired items in them.

Maintaining and restocking a workplace first aid kit is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of employees. 

Regular maintenance involves inspecting your first aid kit for expired items, replacing any used or damaged supplies, and ensuring that it remains easily accessible to all personnel. This proactive approach ensures that the first aid kit is always ready for unforeseen emergencies, allowing for swift response and potentially saving lives. 

Regular checks and maintenance should be a standard practice in every workplace to guarantee the effectiveness of the first aid kit when it’s needed most. This task can indeed consume valuable time, which is why we offer our professional ‘Kit Management’ service to assist you efficiently and effectively.


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First aid kits that are not stocked appropriately or have expired and/or deteriorated products in them

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2 Restock

3 Clean

We offer servicing at regular 1, 2, 3 or 6 month intervals, dependant on the need and requirements of each individual organisation and/or workplace. At each service a fully trained Complete First Aid Supplies team member will visit you at a time that suits, to clean and restock all your kits to your specified contents list, including your vehicle kits.

If at any time there has been an injury and items have been depleted, just contact our office and we will come out and replenish your first aid kit as soon as possible, at no extra charge.

We offer our ‘Kit Maintenance’ service from Northland to Waikato and operate a ‘Kit Exchange Programme’ service for any customers outside of those areas.

Upskill your staff - book a how to use your first aid kit session.


Tips for ensuring your first aid kit is effective

Let everyone know

Make sure everyone knows where the first aid kit/s are kept and what they contain.

Include the right supplies

A good basic first aid kit checklist might include items such as crepe bandages, adhesive bandages, gauze pads, rolls of adhesive tape, a sterile eye pad, scissors, disposable gloves, tweezers, thermal blanket, safety pins, disposable resuscitation face shield, and antiseptic wipes.

Replace and replenish

Always make sure you replace any items as soon as possible after you’ve used them. Get into the habit that every time you use the kit, you do a quick check that products have not expired or deteriorated.

Keep a record

Keep a small notebook and pencil in your first aid kit so people can note what they have used.

Assess annually

If you don’t use the kit very often, choose a day every year to go through it carefully. Check that everything is in good working order, has not deteriorated and is within its expiry date. Make sure that sterile products are still sealed.

Get training

The best way to feel confident using the items in your first aid kit, and to know what to do in an emergency, is to take a first aid course.