Automobile First Aid Kit


Workplace First Aid
Kit Assessment


Kit Contents

Face Shield Disposable, Bandage Crepe 7.5cm, Bandage Triangular,

Bandage BPC Wound No 14, Dressing Band-Aids Box 50, Dressing Combine 9 x 10cm, Dressing Knuckle Plaster, Dressing Gauze Square Pack 2, Dressing Telfa 5 x 7.5cm,

Latex Disposable Gloves, Zinc Oxide Tape 2.5 x 5m, Saline Ampoules, Scissors,

Self-Seal Bags, Tweezers, Betadine Wipes, First Aid Instruction Card, Notebook,

Hepatitis B Label, Plastic Container 2 litre

On site first aid kit maintenance

To ensure that your Worksafe NZ requirements are never compromised, we offer a re-stocking service to maintain your first aid kit - giving you the confidence in knowing that you are always fully prepared and compliant.

  • Free initial on-site assessment
  • You own the first aid kits that have been customised to meet your requirements
  • On-site service at regular intervals depending on the needs of your business
    completely clean and re-stock your first aid kits
  • On call delivery, if supplies have been depleted early
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