Sports First Aid Kit (Large)


Workplace First Aid
Kit Assessment


Kit Contents

Face shield Disposable, Bandage Cohesive 5cm, Bandage Crepe 7.5cm, Bandage Crepe 10cm, Bandage BPC No 15, Bandage Triangular, Dressing Combine 9 x 10cm,

Dressing Combine 20 x 20cm, Dressing Gauze Squares, Dressing Telfa 7.5 x 10cm,

Self Seal bags, Insulation Tape, Zinc Oxide Tape 2.5cm x 5m, Disposable gloves,

Bandage Cohesive 2.5cm, Bandage Cohesive 5cm, Bandage Cohesive 7.5cm,

Bandage Cohesive 10cm, Rescue Blanket, Dressing Eye pads, Saline Ampoules,

Dressing Wound Closures, Tweezers, Scissors, Betadine Wipes,

Strapping Tape 5cm,Strapping Tape 7.5cm ,Strapping Tape 10cm, Dressing Strip Plaster, Dressing Bandaids Box of 100, Antiseptic Spray, Anti-Flamme 90g, International Hot Rub 450g,

On site first aid kit maintenance

To ensure that your Worksafe NZ requirements are never compromised, we offer a re-stocking service to maintain your first aid kit - giving you the confidence in knowing that you are always fully prepared and compliant.

  • Free initial on-site assessment
  • You own the first aid kits that have been customised to meet your requirements
  • On-site service at regular intervals depending on the needs of your business
    completely clean and re-stock your first aid kits
  • On call delivery, if supplies have been depleted early
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